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Karungali Vel 3 inch

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Karungali Vel(3")

Karungali Vel is a powerful and blessed instrument that Lord Murugan and goddess Parvati worship. It is known to bring good luck and fortune to those who pray to it. It is also said that this sacred instrument can grant wishes.

Significance of Karungali Vel

Karungali Vel is a sacred instrument that is used in religious ceremonies. It is believed to be a representation of the divine power of Lord Muruga. The sacred instrument is believed to have the power to protect the wearer from evil forces and to bring good luck.

The Karungali Vel, or Victory Flag, is a sacred representation of Lord Murugan. It is believed that using this sacred instrument will bring victory in all undertakings.

Boons of Karungali Vel

The religious significance of Karungali vel is that it is considered a sacred plant. It can purify one's soul and remove negative energy from the body. The wood and leaves of the plant are used in religious ceremonies and rituals. It has medicinal properties and is used to treat a variety of ailments.

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