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Energized Maha Meru Brass

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Maha Meru

Maha Meru is a powerful and sacred symbol in the Vedic tradition. It is said to represent the cosmic mountain at the center of the universe and is often used as a meditative tool to help focus the mind and promote concentration.

Significance of Maha Meru:

The Maha Meru is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is often depicted as a three-tiered pyramid, with each tier representing a different level of reality. The Maha Meru is said to be the home of the gods and the center of the universe. It is also a symbol of the spiritual journey that each person must take to attain enlightenment.

Benefits of Maha Meru:

Here are five benefits of using Maha Meru in your meditation practice:

  1.  Maha Meru helps to still the mind and promote concentration.
  2. It can assist in connecting you with the cosmic energy of the universe.
  3. Maha Meru also supports opening up your chakras and promoting balance in your energy body.
  4. It helps protect and cleanse your aura.
  5. Maha Meru also benefits in connecting you with your higher self.

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