Kali Yantra
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Kali Yantra

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Kali Yantra

One of the most powerful Mahavidyas is the ultimate goddess of time, Kali. A powerful spiritual tool that enhances pleasure and success, the Kali Yantra. This yantra exudes Kali's auspicious blessings and magnetic forces.

Significance of the Kali Yantra:

One of the most important and influential Devi is Goddess Kali. She represents Shakti, or virtuous force, and protects her devoted followers from any danger. The goddess of time is the mighty Kali. She is the most violent and courageous goddess, representing death and disaster. Due to the magnificent powers of a powerful goddess it brings, the Kali Yantra is of great significance.

The Kali Yantra is an extremely important yantra for people who experience dread and are frequently surrounded by negativity. Those who lead boring lives and struggle with enduring dismay require the yantra. Those who desire to master their energy and time must also earnestly adore this yantra. The Kali Yantra is also ideal for people who wish to overcome their dread of dying.


Benefits of Kali Yantra:

Here are the glorious windfalls of Kali Yantra-

  1. Kali Yantra supports in fighting negative situations.
  2. The yantra eradicates sorrow and pessimism and greets with joy and happiness.
  3. The yantra dispels darkness and brings immense glory and light.
  4. Kali Yantra assists in attaining success in undertakings and assists in becoming better and more efficient.
  5. The yantra blesses with rejuvenation, happiness and sheer bliss.


Rules to use Kali Yantra

Following are the few points which one must follow with perfection while using Kali Yantra-

  1. Every week, wash the copper plate in clean water or with rosewater.
  2. Either face north or face east when positioning the yantra. Light a candle or an incense stick in front of the yantra.
  3. On the edges and in the centre, place dots using sandalwood powder paste.
  4. Give it flowers and fruits. Additionally, you can make a unique prasad for the yantra.
  5. As you worship the yantra, be sure to concentrate largely on its centre. It is the most significant component of the whole yantra.
  6. Chant the mantra "Om Kring Kalikaye Namah" when you worship a yantra to bring new happiness into your life.

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