Navagraha yantra
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Navagraha yantra

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Navagraha Yantra

The Navagraha Yantra is an essential yantra because it gives life splendour and revitalization. It lessens the effects of karma and aligns all the planets. This potent yantra can cure all doshas and ailments caused by the planets.

Significance of Navagraha Yantra

The Navagraha Yantra is extremely important because it purges all negative occurrences from the main planets. It is a strong yantra that controls all nine of astrology's primary planets. Since it brings harmony to life, the exact alignment of nine planets in the horoscope is quite important.

The yantra is most effective for individuals who are experiencing any planet's cataclysmic effects. The Navagraha Yantra promotes harmony and happiness in life while helping to stabilise all nine planets. The Navagraha Yantra is your saviour if any plant causes an imbalance in your horoscope and devastation in your life.


Benefits of Navagraha Yantra:

The Navagraha Yantra has the following extraordinary benefits:

  1. The Navagraha Yantra brings joy and abundance into life.
  2. The potent yantra effectively encapsulates the beneficial impacts of nine important planets in life.
  3. It eliminates all of the horoscope's negative effects.
  4. The powerful device bestows achievement and a plethora of fortune.
  5. It repels all negative forces.
  6. The yantra has the power to attract positive energy and fill life with happiness and harmony.
  7. This yantra gives life renewal and optimism.


Rules to use Navagraha Yantra

To benefit greatly from the Navagraha Yantra, follow the steps below with the utmost accuracy and precision.

  1. Every week, wash the copper plate in clean water or with rosewater. The yantra's colour may change with time, although this is a normal occurrence.
  2. Either face north or face east when positioning the yantra. Light a candle or an incense stick in front of the yantra.
  3. On the edges and in the centre, place dots using sandalwood powder paste.
  4. Give it flowers and fruits. Additionally, you can make a unique prasad for the yantra.
  5. As you worship the yantra, be sure to concentrate largely on its centre. It is the most significant component of the whole yantra.

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