Tulsi Mala
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Tulsi Mala

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Tulsi Mala:

Tulsi is also known as sacred basil. It is not just a sacred plant, but Tulsi is a prominent goddess of mythology. The mighty goddess Tulsi is the supreme manifestation of goddess Lakshmi. She is cherished for sanctity and pure devotion, especially towards the commanding Lord Vishnu. The mighty goddess is also revered as Vrindadevi and Vishnupriya, or the one close and beloved to Lord Vishnu.


Significance of Tulsi Mala:

The tulsi mala is a sacred thread that devotees of the mighty goddess Tulsi wear.  The mala holds significant implications in the Vedic realm, especially for the followers of the Hindu sect. The mala is quite effective and can thrash any odd energy. The mala is highly encouraging and carries significant energy. It is made from the wood of the Tulsi plant, which is considered holy. The mala is worn around the neck or wrist and is used to count the number of times a mantra is chanted. The tulasi mala is said to bring good luck and protect the wearer from evil. The tulsi mala has incredible and unique powers, including the capacity to protect the wearer from horrible spirits and enemies.


Benefits of Tulsi Mala:

Here are the primary advantages of Tulsi Mala:

  1. Tulsi Mala brings the supreme blessings of the goddess Tulasi.
  2. It removes all the health issues from life, blessing devotees with a long and prosperous life.
  3. It brings immense harmony and peace to life.
  4. The mala blesses devotees with marital boons.
  5. It brings protection from all adversities and demons.


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