Ishanan Homa

Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam - Recognizing the Angry

Lord Shiva is otherwise called Lord Ishanan, he is representing the other name of Eshwara or Ishwara. He is prevalent among the hindu lords and believed to be the most powerful and the trigods.

Significance of Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam
People who need to get the blessings from him ought to sort out a homam for attaining to best results. Adithyamaka Sri Rudaram homam is primarily implied for this reason which helps for overcoming different issues in life.
Another advantage is that one can have the capacity to get answers for ceaseless issues with this homam by gathering crucial prerequisites. This homam permits an individual to diminish complex issues for guaranteeing true serenity.

Benefits of Performing Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam
Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam helps to improve the potential outcomes of minimizing them to a more extensive degree. Ishanan homa indeed helps to overcome all difficulties and to lead a happy life.


How to organize Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam ?

If you are inspired to experience the divine blessings and power of the Lord Ishanan Rudra Homam, We are here to assist you in organizing this sacred ritual.

Temple Folks / Vedic Folks is a reputed Vedic consulting company which helps to organize the homam with powerful mantras and fire rituals.  

Youtube Livestream shows are also offered for watching the homam from anywhere.

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Special Notes : All the Vedicfolks Homams will be conducted at Vedicfolks-owned Yagya Peedam and will be live-streamed via the Vedicfolks YouTube channel.

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