Five Mukhi Rudraksha
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Five Mukhi Rudraksha

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Five Mukhi Rudraksha

Significance of Five Mukhi Rudraksha

Five Mukhi Rudraksha is an essential spiritual instrument that brings divine blessings in life. It enriches life with blessings of the preserver of the universe, mighty Shiva. It boosts mental and spiritual health and brings utmost optimism in life.

The ruling deity of Five Mukhi Rudraksha

The Supreme Lord Shiva is the ruling deity of Five Mukhi Rudraksha. The rudraksha is ruled by Kaalagni, a leading aspect of Rudra. His powerful aura, radiance and energies can be captured by worshipping and wearing this rudraksha.  Jupiter is the governing planet of Five Mukhi Rudraksha.

How to use Five Mukhi Rudraksha?

Five Mukhi Rudraksha can be used as a neck chain, bracelet or arm cuff. You can use it for rotating between fingers while meditating or praying. Keep the rudraksha in a clean place when not using it. Periodically, clean it using rose water. Chanting " Aum Hreem Namah '' while worshipping the rudraksha brings more benefits.

Who can wear Five Mukhi Rudraksha?

Five Mukhi Rudraksha is fit for everyone who believes in the supreme power of Rudraksha and commanding Lord Shiva. There are no restrictions on using or wearing it. If you are witnessing dull phases in life, then  Five Mukhi Rudraksha is for you. Those who want to unveil tranquillity, abundance and bliss in life must get this rudraksha.

Benefits of Five Mukhi Rudraksha:

Here are the significant benefits of Five Mukhi Rudraksha:

  1. Five Mukhi Rudraksha enriches life with the supreme blessings of Lord Shiva.
  2. It eradicates all the obstacles and grants immense success in all the endeavours.
  3. This rudraksha has five mukhis, removing five harmful properties: anger, greed, lust, affection and ego.
  4. Doshas and afflictions of Jupiter planet stay away with this rudraksha.
  5. It fulfils all the longings and desires of the devotees.
  6. The bright aura of Five Mukhi Rudraksha helps you get rid of your sins and their wrath.
  7. The rudraksha admires life with spiritual awakening consciousness and removes dullness from life.
  8. It brings peace and serenity to life.
  9. The rudraksha keeps severe diseases such as cholesterol, heart ailments, piles and obesity away.
  10. It brings proficiency, wisdom and intellect in life and keeps all the adverse influences away.

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