Rahu Pooja

Rahu Pooja - To Gain Wisdom

Rahu is depicted as half-bodied, conceived of a lioness, snakelike, having a colossal body and being exceptionally compelling. Rahu is likewise called shadow planet as a result of the Node's relationship with the phenomena of obscurations. Rahu Pooja is performed to mollify the planet Rahu.

Why Rahu Pooja?

Rahu Pooja is carried out to satisfy against its insidious impacts, to avert all disasters of Rahu according to the horoscope. Rahu Pooja the Head Worship is devoted to planet Rahu. Graha Shanti Rahu Pooja is prescribed for those, having malefic Rahu or wrongly put Rahu according to the horoscope.

Benefits and Significance of Rahu Pooja

Rahu is essentially connected with common craving and material sign. It is said to be the evidence of voracity, distinction, control, common yearning and over the top conduct. This symbolism planet has the ability of fortifying one's energy and actually changing over an adversary into a companion and thus it is at times alluded as the Planet of Success. As indicated by Hindu mythology, Rahu is the particular case that is in charge of sun based and lunar overshadowing. It is likewise thought to be the leader of an evil spirit.

Rahu Pooja is performed to assuage the planet Rahu.
Rahu Pooja is extremely helpful & valuable, since it fortifies and expands the positive impact and kills the negative impacts of Rahu.
Rahu Pooja is suggested for those having malefic Rahu or wrongly put Rahu according to horoscope.

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