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Rudra Mala

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Rudra Mala:

Rudra mala brings the immense significance of Lord Shiva in his Rudra manifestation. Sri Rudra is one of the eight supreme incarnations of Lord Shiva. The word ‘Rudra’ signifies Fire. He bestows his devotees with the power and courage to overcome difficulties in life. If devotees worship him with total dedication, they live a happier and safer life.

Significance of Rudra Mala:

The Rudra Mala is powerful. The beads are made of rudraksha, which is an extremely powerful stone, as it is an embodiment of Lord Shiva's energy. Wearing a mala will keep you safe and protected from negative energies and forces. It will balance your mind and sharpen your thinking process. The glorious mala will bless you with clarity of thought and increased intelligence. It will bring prosperity, good luck, and abundance to your life, along with peace of mind. It will alleviate stress and anxiety.

Rudra mala helps devotees in tackling various problems. Through this mala, devotees can live a healthy and wealthy life. This mala enhances the skills of the devotees so that they can perform better in their respective fields. With this mala, devotees can choose the right path to earn success and add prosperity to their life.

Product specifications:

The mala has pure integrity and 108 beads. The beads are derived from natural resources. It looks beautiful and has gleaming features.

Benefits of Rudra Mala:

Here are a few notable advantages of Rudra mala-

  1. Rudra mala brings the immense benefits of Lord Shiva in his most notable avatar, Rudra avatar.
  2. Rudra mala boosts self-confidence in devotees.
  3. You can wear a Rudra Mala for continuous peace of mind and emotional stability.
  4. It helps devotees in getting desired results.
  5. It brings streams of happiness and contentment to the life of devotees.
  6. Devotees can perform better with the help of this mala.
  7. Through this mala, devotees can spend the rest of life peacefully.

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